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Drug and Alcohol

Drug Abuse and Out Patient Treatment
If it is you and you are taking the first steps toward recovery or you want to help a son, daughter, father or mother who is suffering, deeply in the throes of addiction – just know for sure that true and lasting recovery is possible.

Turning Point Addiction Recovery
Turning Point Addiction Recovery
Addiction seems to swallow you up and it flows out and swallows up the lives of those who love and recovery can appear so far away and hopeless. Maybe you’ve tried treatment before. It is not too late. There is hope. With the proper treatment and support, addicts achieve full recovery every day. Don’t let addiction continue to take its toll on your life, or the life of someone you love.

Different Types of Substance Abuse

If it is for you, or if it is for a loved one are suffering from a drug abuse problem and the overlapping impact on families and communities, it is important that you understand how addiction works. It is important for you to understand options exist to aid in your recovery. The first step is that fact that you are reading this. The first tiny step is admitting a problem exists and beginning to learn what you can do to begin the process of healing.

At Turning Point Counseling & Recovery you will learn about:

• Understanding Denial, Codependency and Other Factors Surrounding the Problem
• How Specific Substances Affect the Mind and Body
• Interventions for him or her — How Help Works and When Help Is Needed
• Facing the Withdrawal Process – Medical Help or “Going it with Support”
• Aftercare and Recovery Programs – what happens next – RE-ENTRY INTO LIFE
• Tips for Staying Clean and Achieving Lasting Sobriety

Identifying a Drug Problem

Everyone needs help! Almost any of us can get into a position where we do not recognize our own problems and sometimes are just not able to admit we need help. If we are lucky, we have friends and/or family who are willing to call attention to the issue, and to motivate us to get the treatment and help we need. In addition to being addicted to drugs or alcohol, many of us suffer from related behaviors or moods:Close up of the syringe with the drug. In the background, a young drug addict

• • Depression and anxiety
• • Withdrawal from family and friends
• • Poor performance at work or school
• • Borrowing or stealing money
• • Personality Change
• • Long, unexplained absences
• • Being arrested/in trouble with the law
• • Anger, violence or irrational behavior
• • Dramatic changes in physical appearance such as weight loss or gain, tooth decay, skin problems or hair loss

Drug Addiction and Abuse Treatment Help

Counseling gives the individual a chance to explore the root causes of their problem, and better understand the “triggers” that led to drug abuse and addiction. Individual, group or other specialized forms of counseling and therapy are provided at Turning Point Counseling & Recovery Treatment Center. This is where the true work of recovery takes place, as the addict gets to the reasons behind their addiction. Once those reasons are addressed, the addict can learn to manage their triggers and truly progress in recovery.

Finally, aftercare programs help the individual make a smooth transition back into life after treatment. This may include placement at a sober living facility, drug testing, continued meetings with your behavioral health counselor at Turning Point Counseling & Recovery Treatment Center on a one-on-one basis, or other regularly scheduled outpatient groups or coaching support.
Intensive Out Patient Treatment Center

Drug and Alcohol OutPatient Treatment

Turning Point Counseling & Recovery Treatment Center is unique and offers research-driven, proven and effective treatment. The ISTDP-informed treatment -- Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) has demonstrated permanent and lasting effect in the shortest term possible..

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